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Commission rates from 10%-20%

Here's how the Gecko Software Commission Scale works for orders you generate during each month. Please review the details below to help you completely understand how the final commission totals are calculated.

Three (3) Step Affiliate/Client Action List:

  1. Affiliate (you) place a banner or text link on your website, or advertise Track ‘n Trade in some other fashion, such as email, PPC, or PPV ads, using your private coded link.
  2. Visitor clicks your coded link, and is given a 60 day cookie by our system. (Cookie identifies that individual as your referred client for a period of 60-Days; anything they purchase from Gecko Software during that time period after taking a trial, is credited to you! If they click the link or banner again, within the 60-day period, the cookie is updated to start the 60-day count down all over again.)
  3. When a visitor is referred from your website, or coded link, takes a trial and then purchases a Gecko Software product, within 60 days of clicking on your banner or link, you'll receive a commission of up to 20%. (It’s that simple.)

Lead Generation Program

As a registered Gecko Software affiliate, you are automatically enrolled into our “Lead Generation Program.”

The life-blood of any business is the ability to generate quality leads, or clients. Without a solid method of collecting names, leads, or clients, any business will fail.

Gecko Software has designed our affiliate program to be more than just a way to make commissions, we’ve designed it to be a life-blood supply of qualified clients or leads for your business.

Here's How it Works:

Many companies spend thousands, and thousands of dollars to advertise their websites, but when their prospects visit their website, they are always leery of being “sold” something; people don’t like being sold, but they do like buying stuff they want.

Many visitors to a website will resist any attempt you make to collect their contact information; a bounce rate (number of people who hit your site and leave without looking beyond the first page.) of 80 to 90% is not uncommon for many websites; this is what causes advertising to be so very expensive.

This is where Track ‘n Trade comes into play. Again, people will resist giving you their contact information at almost any cost, but if you highly recommend, and also offer a “free trial” of our software, Track ‘n Trade, without requiring them to provide you with any contact information to take the free trial, you’ll be surprised how many of your website visitors will take you up on that offer.

You see, it’s a psychological phenomenon, people want to take your advice, but they want to also remain anonymous, and if they can get some “free” advice from you, or take your recommendation, then they feel like they’ve gained an advantage without having to sacrifice their anonymity.

Once a clients clicks on your “more-info recommendation” to try Track ‘n Trade, we drop a cookie on their system, and track them for the next 60-days. Then, when they register the software, we require that they provide their contact information, which almost nobody ever thinks twice about providing a software company their registration, or contact information, that’s pretty much par for the course; the minute we receive their software registration/contact info, our system automatically emails it back to you.

This has proven to be the most effective method of building a huge, and very responsive list of clients that are truly actively seeking solutions within our industry.

Sales Rep Intervention Program:

It has been proven time and time again, that affiliates who personally assist their clients in making their software purchases earn way more commissions, up to nine times more commissions, than affiliates who do not assist their clients in making the purchase.

But, due to the fact that many affiliates are untrained or unable to assist their clients in making their trading software decisions, Gecko Software has hired and trained inside sales reps to assist our affiliates in closing more sales.

If you, as our affiliate, allow our Gecko Software inside sales representatives to assist your clients through the sales process, it has been proven that you will increase the number of sales closed, as well as significantly increase the dollar amounts of each sale.

Statistics show that a client who is assisted by an inside sales rep is nine times more likely to make a purchase, and the size of the purchase is nearly triple the dollar amount; but we must also pay these sales reps to help us increase our joint efforts and income, so if you allow it, our reps will help your clients make their purchases for a split of your affiliate commission.

Each new affiliate is automatically added into the “sales rep assist” program, but if you wish to opt out of the inside sales rep assist program, please contact Gecko Software directly, and we will remove you from that program.

Obviously, the more effort you, as the affiliate, can put into facilitating the sale, the more you'll be rewarded; but inside sales reps are available to take over, for a small fee, if you prefer.