Return Policy

Track 'n Trade Charting Software & Plug-ins

Gecko Software provides full feature 14-day trials for all Track ‘n Trade software, plug-ins, and data services allowing clients to explore products in their entirety. Therefore, no returns are available after purchase of these items.

Bulls 'n Bears Plug-in

Due to the fact that the Bulls 'n Bears Plug-In is an exclusive and proprietary trading system, we do not allow 14-Day unregistered trials. All trials of Bulls 'n Bears must be registered with Gecko Software. Just like the rest of the Track 'n Trade product line, a 14 day trial is available for this product, so no refunds are available for this plug-in. To register for a free 14-Day trial of Bulls 'n Bears, please contact us at: 1-800-862-7193 or 435-752-8026. Thank you.

Educational Courses

Due to the sensitive nature of printed and educational materials, Gecko Software cannot give a refund for the products listed in the Educational Courses section. If you return one of these products no refund will be issued, and shipping charges to return the product back to you will apply. Lost, stolen, or damaged products are not the responsibility of Gecko Software.

Track 'n Trade Data Service Billing

Data charges are billed according to the day that you purchased the service. For example, if you order your data service on June 22 your next billing date would be July 22 and so on. If you order on the 28-31st of the month, your renewal date is the 28th of the following month. This information is available in your email receipt. If you have any questions about your billing period, please contact us at 800-862-7193 or 435-752-8026 and select the accounting dept.

Data Service Cancellations

A customer may cancel the auto-renewal data service at any time via telephone: 800-862-7193 or 435-752-8026. No refunds are available after auto data service subscription charges. Once your data service is canceled, the service will expire and you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation on the expiration date.

Quarterly, Annually, and 2-year Data Service Terms

Gecko Software provides a full, no risk, 14-Day trial of Track 'n Trade Software including data, therefore no refunds are available.

TradeMiner Software

No Trial can be taken in advance on the TradeMiner Platforms so Gecko Software, Inc. provides a 30-day money back guarantee. No Refunds are available on TradeMiner Upgrades and Data Cubes. You may request a return/refund at any time within 30 days after the purchase date. No refunds will be given on TradeMiner products after the 30-day period has lapsed. A customer may request a return/refund at anytime via telephone: 1.800.862.7193 ext. 4 or 435.752.8026 ext. 4.

TradeMiner Data Renewals

Renewal notifications are sent out 30 days prior to a renewal, customers may cancel their renewal service at any time. No refunds are available once a TradeMiner Data renewal has been processed. contact us at 800-862-7193 or 435-752-8026 at any time to modify your services.


Please Contact our Sales or Accounting Department at:

Toll Free in the US & Canada: 800-862-7193
Outside the US & Canada: 435-752-8026