Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Trading System Plug-in

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Track ‘n Trade Plug-In: The Bulls ‘n Bears is Gecko Software’s Flag-Ship Proprietary Indicator Plug-in. (Designed for Track ‘n Trade Live Futures, Forex, and Futures End-of-Day.) Six Time Stocks & Commodities Magazines Annual Reader’s Choice Award Winning Platforms!

Green price bars: Bullish market, Red price bars: Bearish Market, Yellow Price Bars: Neutral Market. The Bulls ‘n Bears proprietary “Red Light, Green Light” trading system, which is based on Fibonacci & Elliott Wave, is the most popular plug-in available in Track ‘n Trade. This dynamic system offers customizable buy/sell signals and identifies when the market is switching from a bullish to bearish trend (or vice versa).

Video Demonstration:

This video is for demonstration purposes only, there is risk of loss when trading Stocks, Futures, Forex*

The Bulls 'n Bears, With and Without: You Decide

The Bulls 'n Bears Advantage: take a look at the following charts, and you decide if you believe the Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in to Track ‘n Trade is all it’s said to be. For my money, I’d never want to risk not having this amazing award winning advantage!*

Without Bulls 'n Bears

Chart without the Bulls 'n Bears
  • Charts without the Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in lack the information necessary to make an informed decision.
  • Classic struggle of not having enough information to make a properly informed decision.

With Bulls 'n Bears

Chart With the Bulls 'n Bears
  • The Bulls ‘n Bears Advantage System Provides customizable Buy/Sell Arrows which give traders information on a change in Bullish/Bearish market momentum.
  • Provides Key information for our trading decisions*

Never Wonder Where To Place Your Stop Order

What Trading Without Bulls 'n Bears looks like
  • Traditional methods of placing trailing stops requires the trader to manually identify area’s of support and resistance, requiring a lot of guesswork, and long time frames with large risks being placed on the table.*
What Tradeing With the Bulls 'n Bears looks like
  • The Bulls ‘n Bears provides a hyperbolically linked mathematically calculated auto-trailing stop system, integrated with the Bulls ‘n Bears formulas. You’ll never question where to put your stop order again!*

Bulls 'n Bears Trend Identification

What Trading Without Bulls 'n Bears looks like
  • Without the Bulls ‘n Bears to help a trader identify the overall trend direction, traders are left to their own devices, guessing at trend using outdated methods or the same old oscillating indicators that may whipsaw traders in and out of the markets.*
What Tradeing With the Bulls 'n Bears looks like
  • Identifying the overall trend of a market seems to be one of the major problems for traders. Bulls ‘n Bears solves that problem by changing the colors of the price bars to represent the trend: Green= Bullish, Red=Bearish, and Yellow=Neutral*

Know When NOT To Trade

What Trading Without Bulls 'n Bears looks like
  • “The trend is your friend, until it bends or ends!” A simple industry rhyme that is much harder to execute without a tool like the Bulls ‘n Bears to identify ‘which’ trend is your friend.*
What Tradeing With the Bulls 'n Bears looks like
  • Knowing when NOT to trade is every bit as important as knowing when to trade. With the Bulls ‘n Bears trading system, we know when markets are not only Bullish, and Bearish, but when a market is considered neutral; and should not be traded.*

Fibonacci & Elliott Wave Integration!

Okay, The Secret Is Out

  • Fibonacci & Elliott Wave experts will easily recognize the Bulls ‘n Bears tight integration with the rules associated with Elliott Wave & Fibonacci Trading. Notice how the BnB color changes are coordinated perfectly with Fibonacci & Elliott Wave Projections, Retracements & Extensions.*
Bulls 'n Bears itegration with fibonacci and Elliott wave

Elliott Wave & Fibonacci!

  • It’s well known in the financial industry technical trading community that Fibonacci & Elliott Wave are the two powerhouse’s of technical analysis, attempting to give us the ability to project price & time movements.*
Bulls 'n Bears itegrates easily with fibonacci and Elliott wave

Automated Mathematical Integration

  • By mathematically integrating and combining the Fibonacci & Elliott Wave into the Bulls ‘n Bears, we’ve designed a single yet powerful user definable tool that eliminates the need to memorize a phone book sized list of rules and strategies associated with Fibonacci & Elliott Wave analysis.
  • Bulls 'n Bears integrates, color codes, throws customizable buy/sell signals, and automates the entire process for you...now you can trade Fibonacci & Elliott Wave like a professional!*
Bulls 'n Bears itegrates seamlessly with fibonacci and Elliott wave

Bulls 'n Bears Trading Automation!

Automated Autopilot / Robot Trading of Fibonacci & Elliott Wave!

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