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With Gecko Software’s Award Winning Fibonacci trading tools, we provide numerous Fibonacci trading tools, how to videos, and educational white papers on how you can integrate Track ‘n Trade’s many different unique Fibonacci tools into your own trading strategy for an overall more robust trading system.

Track ‘n Trade employs Fibonacci tools for identifying, charting and measuring the Elliott Wave, both manually as well as mathematically system automated.

Video Demonstration:

This video is for demonstration purposes only, there is risk of loss when trading Stocks, Futures, Forex*

Automated Fibonacci Trading

Artificial Intelligence & Brute Force Mathematics

Many market technicians prefer the mathematics of the computer to identify the trend for them; in Track ‘n Trade, this is accomplished through a tool called the Elliott Wave / Zig Zag system. The Track ‘n Trade Fibonacci Count & Measure Tools, integrate perfectly with the Elliott Wave Tools; automatically providing a true price and time strategy.

Combining Fibonacci patterns with Elliott Wave attempts to provide a price and time projection.*

Create, Back-test, Simulate, and Trade Your Own Strategies...Automatically!* NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! Futures & Forex!

  • By Using The Track ‘n Trade Autopilot Plug-in, traders have the ability to design, back-test, simulate, and then let Track ‘n Trade take over the tedious process of executing your Fibonacci trading plan for you...automatically!*
  • Don’t like something in your Fibonacci trading plan? No problem! A simple click of the mouse stops Track ‘n Trade from executing any more trades, you personally make that one simple change, then one click starts it trading again; no lost time between making changes to your plan.*

The Magic of Fibonacci

The ABCD's of Elliott Wave & Fibonacci

Fibonacci Insiders

Leonardo Fibonacci was a medieval Italian mathematician born in the 12th century. He is known to have discovered the "Fibonacci Numbers," which are a sequence of numbers where each successive number is the sum of the two previous numbers.

Fibonacci Sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.

These numbers possess a number of interrelationships, such as the fact that any given number is approximately 1.618 times the preceding number.

Can We Trade Using Fibonacci Numbers?

Fibonacci Technical Analysis Examples

Below are a couple of charts that give examples of how the Fibonacci ABC Projection tool, within Track 'n Trade, takes the initial move of a market, then projects out into the future a Fibonacci price & time calculation.*

Fibonacci ABCD

Trading The ABCD Projection Patterns

  • Identify the high point of the trend.
  • Calculate the first pull back, or retracement of the trend.
  • Fibonacci projections indicate potential levels of price and time, giving the trader more confidence in making decisions.
Fibonacci ABCD

Fibonacci Extensions & Projections

  • In this (short) example: A break below the 23.6% level would be our entry trigger.*
  • Setting stop-limits at 50%, 61.8% and 100% would be prudent profit taking points along the overall long-term trend.*
  • Staying with the trade for the long-haul, all the way to 161.8% is every traders goal.*
Fibonacci ABCD

Fibonacci Arc:

  • Track ‘n Trade is loaded with Fibonacci Tools, everything from the Elliott Wave tools shown above, to the Arc tool shown here.

Fibonacci Integration:

  • Fibonacci is integrated throughout every possible tool within Track ‘n Trade; including the Andrews Pitchfork as well as the Bulls ‘n Bears indicators

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