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With Gecko Software’s Award Winning Elliott Wave trading tools, we provide numerous Elliott Wave trading tools, how to videos, and educational white papers on how you can integrate Track ‘n Trade’s many different unique Elliott Wave features into your own trading strategy for an overall more robust trading system.

Track ‘n Trade employs Elliott Wave tools for identifying and charting the Elliott Wave, both manually as well as mathematically system automated.

Video Demonstration:

This video is for demonstration purposes only, there is risk of loss when trading Stocks, Futures, Forex*

Automated & Mathematically Calculated

Elliott Wave, Price & Time Projections*

Many market technicians prefer the mathematics of the computer to identify the trend for them; in Track ‘n Trade, this is accomplished through a tool called the Elliott Wave / Zig Zag system. The Track ‘n Trade Elliott Wave tools also integrate perfectly with the Fibonacci Count & Measure Tools; automatically providing a true price and time strategy.*

Combining Elliott Wave with Fibonacci attempts to provide a true price and time projection.*

Create, Back-test, Simulate, and Trade Your Own Strategies...Automatically!* NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! Futures & Forex!

  • By Using The Track ‘n Trade Autopilot Plug-in, traders have the ability to design, back-test, simulate, and then let Track ‘n Trade take over the tedious process of executing your trading plan for you...automatically!*
  • Don’t like something in your trading plan? No problem! A simple click of the mouse stops Track ‘n Trade from executing any more trades, you personally make that one simple change, then one click starts it trading again; no lost time between making changes to your plan.*
Fibonacci and Ellott Wave paterns are built into the software

Track 'n Trade Elliott Wave Trading

Elliott Wave Trading Tools

  1. Count
    Markets move in five wave Elliott Wave patterns.
  2. Measure
    Measure Fibonacci Projections and retracement levels.
  3. Setup
    Track 'n Trade helps Identifies the market entry point.
  4. Trigger
    Maket entry & exit timing is critical to your success
  5. Follow Through
    Knowing how, and when to exit a market is as critical as market entry, using parabolic stop loss secrets.

Automatically Color Coded Fibonacci and Elliott Wave Trends

Track 'n Trade Elliott Wave Trading

For many traders, learning all the rules associated with trading Fibonacci and Elliott Wave gets just a bit overwhelming, so here at Gecko Software, we have taken the entire concept of Fibonacci integration, Elliott Wave pattern recognition, projections and extensions, and integrated them all into one customizable trading system known as the Bulls ‘n Bears.

Track ‘n Trade actually calculates all the relationships between each system, Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, Price and Time projections, and then we color code those systems (Green for Bullish, Red for Bearish, and Yellow for Neutral.) in a fashion that just makes it very simple and easy to understand, then the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot can automatically trade these signals for you.*

Learn More About Bulls 'n Bears Learn More About AutoPilot Trading

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