Track 'n Trade End-of-Day Futures!

Futures Market Charting & Simulation Software Platform

Track ‘n Trade FUTURES is Gecko Software’s flagship End-Of-Day Charting Software famed for its historical trade simulation capabilities (Plug-in); practice in the past to trade in the future!

Designed for the visual investor. If you are interested in having a sophisticated futures charting platform designed by traders for traders using the latest technology, with plug-in upgrade capabilities, then Track ‘n Trade may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

(Plug-ins migrate to LIVE version at no additional cost.)

Video Demonstration:

This video is for demonstration purposes only, there is risk of loss when trading Stocks, Futures, Forex*

Track 'n Trade End-of-Day Charting

Track 'n Trade End of Day Futures Charting and Simulation
  1. Tabbed Control Panel:
    Place simulated orders, change all settings ‘on-the-fly’ for each tool, indicator, and chart; the panel does not ‘pop’ on top, and cover up the chart. Slide the Panel to hide.
  2. Button Bar:
    On-chart, Technical Analysis Markup Tools, and Calculators, including Fibonacci, Elliott Wave and Many more...
  3. Mini-Account Window:
    Running account balances, totals, at risk, profits, and margins.
  4. Chart:
    Completely user definable, customizable look & feel.
  5. Time Machine:
    Play controls that let you step the market forward and back in time, just like a VCR, simulate trading actual market data, by moving back and forth, one price bar at a time!
  6. Full Featured Accounting Window:
    Track your simulated trades, as the world turns, manage your trades all in one central location, easy to manage.
  7. Indicators:
    Click to rotate the indicator window from frame to frame, have as many indicators on at once, without cluttering up the screen.
  8. Indicator Window:
    Includes dozens & dozens of the best proven technical indicators with highly accurate, customizable, buy/sell signals, for better decision making.

Trading Tab Track 'n Trade End-of-Day Futures Software
  • Full Fledged Account Simulation:
    Complete simulated accounting capabilities simulate the real market, practice in the past, on historical data, moving the market forward and back, one price bar at a time.*
  • Simulate Trading:
    Understanding how markets work, from an accounting profit and loss point of view, is critical to your trading success. Use Track ‘n Trade’s accounting simulator to test your theories, to trade contracts, and options simultaneously, learn how orders, profits and losses, contract orders, and options all interact and affect one another.*
  • Historical Trade Simulator
    A Plug-in for the EOD version of Track ‘n Trade.
  • Order Management:
    Each simulated order is tracked by date, and listed below account stats, running totals, available balances, and margin at risk totals.

Control Panel Chart / Indicator / Tools Settings Tabs

Track 'n Trade Futures Charting Panel
  • Control Panel:
    User definable, and fully customizable settings for the look and feel that gives you the best view and feel for your own trading style!

    Being able to see the markets from a visually appealing point of view is imperative to your trading success, considering the amount of time spent in front of your charts, watching the markets.
Track 'n Trade Futures Charting Panel
  • Indicator Panel:
    Each indicator is specially designed to reflect the creators original intent and use of the tool.

    Track ‘n Trade programmers have also taken significant liberties to expand the capabilities and provide the user with additional capabilities that the creator possibly never could have fathomed, making Track ‘n Trade an indicator rich playground for the elite trader.

Active Charts and Key Information Tabs

Track 'n Trade Futures Charting Panel
  • Charts Panel:
    All active charts are listed in alphabetical order to quickly be able to find the chart you’re looking for.

    Each chart is written out with full names, no more trying to figure out cryptic acronyms that make no sense.

    Each acronym is accompanied with its full name, so you can learn the symbols as well, if interested.
Track 'n Trade Futures Charting Panel
  • Key Information Panel:
    When trading, it’s important to have all the most important facts and figures regarding each commodity, and contract ready ad your fingertips.

    Each industry has its confusing acronyms, but within Track ‘n Trade, you’ll find that everywhere possible, we use full name titles, symbols and indicators, to reduce confusion.

Control Panel Chart / Indicator / Tools Settings Tabs
Popular Plug-ins To Track 'n Trade End-of-Day Futures

Track 'n Trade Futures Bulls 'n Bears
  • Bulls 'n Bears:
    • Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in is our proprietary flagship plug-in, where our own in-house scientists, designers, traders, mathematicians and programmers work in their own private playground to provide you with the best of the best indicator models they’ve produced.
    • Before winning a place within the Bulls ‘n Bears Formula drop-down, each indicator formula must pass a high standard test of excellence.
    • By combining the knowledge of traders that came before us, with current computer technology, and the Bulls ‘n Bears proprietary formulas, we can meld the two worlds of experience and performance into a single streamlined proprietary plug-in.
    • Although the Bulls ‘n Bears exact formulas are a proprietary secret, it is obvious to see the relationship between Fibonacci projections outlined in green, retracements identified in red, and 61.8 through 38.2 highlighted in yellow. By implementing the BnB technology, much of the Fibonacci & Elliott Wave math is automatically done for you. (See for yourself in the 14-day free trial.)
  • Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Lines:
    • A proprietary indicator designed by Trading Veteran, Mr. Lan Turner, a system that in all our back-testing can only be beaten, on occasion, by his other proprietary trading systems included within the Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in.*
    • Blue Arrows come from our proprietary Advantage Lines indicator, which is a hybrid moving average system that uses short-term mathematical price model manipulation to significantly reduce whipsaw, while still providing early entry signals.
    • Test Dive this indicator and the Bulls 'n Bears indicator in an all access no obligation free trial.

Commitment Of Traders Plug-in (COT)

Track 'n Trade Futures Commitment of Traders
  • COT Plug-in:
    The Commitment of Traders Plug-in is one of Track ‘n Trades most popular tools, which allows traders to see what all the other traders are trading, represented as a visual graph, directly under the chart.

    Do you think you would be a better trader if you could see what all the banks, hedge funds, factories and large commercial traders were buying and selling?

Seasonals Plug-in

Track 'n Trade Futures Seasonals
  • Seasonals:
    Due to recurring market activity, that reoccurs at the same time, year after year, the futures market begins to reveal cycles and trends, that have a high probability of recurring, at the same time, each year.*

    We plant at the same time, we harvest at the same time, we transport at the same time, etc.*
  • Trend Average:
    The seasonal trend average plotted as a graph below the chart, shows the historical trend of the market, its like following a road map to the markets.*

Options Plug-in

Track 'n Trade Futures Options
  • Options Plug-in:
    You can buy a put, and you can sell a put, you can buy a call, and you can sell a call. Learning the power of options can seem difficult, but with Track ‘n Trade’s options simulator, you can practice all these strategies, and wrap your head around the concepts, before ever risking real money!
  • Options Calculator:
    What’s a Iron Condor, or Butterfly, and how would I trade them?

    Practice running different option trading scenarios, based on popular strategies, find out for yourself which strategy works best for your trading style.

Track 'n Trade Futures Spreads
  • Spreads Module Plug-in:
    With Track ‘n Trades Historical Trade Simulator, and the Spreads Plug-in, you have the ability of testing, tracking, and simulating trading contract spreads; a very popular trading method among large speculators, banks, and hedge funds as a way of reducing volatility and risk.*
  • Contract Spreads Trading:
    What’s the advantage of buying October Corn, and selling December corn?

    Contract spreads (not to be confused with option spreads) is a very popular method of off-laying risk and hedging your position.

    In this example, you’re no longer trading the price of corn, but your trading the difference between October corn and December corn, or what we call a corn spread.

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