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Track ‘n Trade High Finance, Stocks - Gecko Software’s Flagship Technical Analysis Stock Charting Platform.

Designed for the Visual Investor. Track ‘n Trade Stocks allows you to track the current stock market through a visually appealing and ergonomically designed graphical user interface, “window to the market.” Using 20 minute delayed intra-day data, Track ‘n Trade High Finance provides a low cost solution to following your favorite stocks.

Video Demonstration:

This video is for demonstration purposes only, there is risk of loss when trading Stocks, Futures, Forex*

Stocks Charting Software
  1. Tabbed Control Panel:
    Place simulated orders, change all settings ‘on-the-fly’ for each tool, indicator, and chart; the panel does not ‘pop’ on top, and cover up the chart. Slide the Panel to hide.
  2. Button Bar:
    On-chart, Technical Analysis Markup Tools, and Calculators.
  3. Symbol Chooser:
    Select from all US as well as many international stock symbols.
  4. Full Featured Accounting Window:
    Simulated Accounting Window Track your trading, day-by-day minute-by-minute (20 min. delayed.)
  5. Chart Tabs:
    Switch between time frames of Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  6. Indicator Window:
    Includes dozens & dozens of the best proven technical indicators.
  7. Play Controls:
    Time-Machine Trade Simulator, allows you to go back in time, and historically practice trading, moving the chart/market forward & back, one price bar at a time.

Track 'n Trade Stocks Control Panel Tabs

Trading Tab, place simulated orders.

Track 'n Trade Stocks Control Panel Tabs
  • Mini-Tic-Chart:
    Watch each individual price quote update throughout the day in a mini-window designed to keep you informed of market action prior to placing a more accurate trade. (20 Min. Delayed)
  • Order Placement:
    The Stock Market version of Track ‘n Trade includes historical trade simulation capabilities, with an Order Placement Box. (Unlike our Futures & Forex versions, our stock version of Track ‘n Trade does not currently trade LIVE accounts, but is a charting and simulation package only.)
  • Account Overview:
    All the pertinent stock symbol information

Open Charts Tab, with details

Track 'n Trade Stocks Charting Panel
  • Portfolio Manager:
    Track your portfolio of stocks
  • Position Indicator:
    Green arrow indicates that you are long 150 shares, and because the arrow is green, the stock is currently trading for more than what you paid, while red indicates the market is less than you paid
  • Market Manager:
    Get an update at a glance of all the markets you are watching

Data Tab, with each days market price data

Track 'n Trade Stocks Control Panel Tabs
  • Data Manager:
    Export data into other analytical tools, such as MS-Excel for further market study and refinement; or print each symbols market data if you so choose.
  • Data Set:
    Visually see the data that makes up each market chart, along with the volume for that day’s activity.

Settings Tab, control all indicators

Track 'n Trade Stocks Control Panel Tabs
  • Settings Control Panel:
    All settings for each indicator and drawing tool are presented within the control panel “settings tab.” When the settings tab is selected, whichever tool, or indicator you choose or click, will activate its corresponding panel controls.
  • “Apply To All”
    Have your new favorite settings replicate across all charts, or hit “TNT Defaults, to have the settings return back to our factory defaults.)
  • Side Bar Control Panel:
    Quick and easy access; in Track ‘n Trade you’ll never have confusing control panel windows popping out over the top of your active chart and disrupting your view of the market.
  • “On-The-Fly”
    modify your indicators and tools to your hearts content, watch as each tools and indicator updates in real time, immediately reflecting the changes.

Track 'n Trade Stocks Accounting Window
  • Select Working, Open, or Closed Order tabs
    Concise space saving window allows you to view Working Orders, Open Orders, Closed Orders, Deposits, and Total Account Activity with a single click of the mouse.
  • Accounting Statistics
    A complete market simulation accounting of all gains, fees, dates, quotes, etc... never be left in the dark again, you’ll always have immediate access to your entire portfolios accounting, directly below your charts.

Popular Plug-ins To Track 'n Trade Stocks

Track 'n Trade Futures Bulls 'n Bears
  • Bulls 'n Bears:
    • Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in is our proprietary flagship plug-in, where our own in-house scientists, designers, traders, mathematicians and programmers work in their own private playground to provide you with the best of the best indicator models they’ve produced.
    • Before winning a place within the Bulls ‘n Bears Formula drop-down, each indicator formula must pass a high standard test of excellence.
    • By combining the knowledge of traders that came before us, with current computer technology, and the Bulls ‘n Bears proprietary formulas, we can meld the two worlds of experience and performance into a single streamlined proprietary plug-in.
    • Although the Bulls ‘n Bears exact formulas are a proprietary secret, it is obvious to see the relationship between Fibonacci projections outlined in green, retracements identified in red, and 61.8 through 38.2 highlighted in yellow. By implementing the BnB technology, much of the Fibonacci & Elliott Wave math is automatically done for you. (See for yourself in the 14-day free trial.)
  • Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Lines:
    • A proprietary indicator designed by Trading Veteran, Mr. Lan Turner, a system that in all our back-testing can only be beaten, on occasion, by his other proprietary trading systems included within the Bulls ‘n Bears Plug-in.*
    • Blue Arrows come from our proprietary Advantage Lines indicator, which is a hybrid moving average system that uses short-term mathematical price model manipulation to significantly reduce whipsaw, while still providing early entry signals.
    • Test Dive this indicator and the Bulls 'n Bears indicator in an all access no obligation free trial.

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